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Logo Mats And Branded Mats

Branded mats and Logo mats products are used by businesses of all sizes and types, and they can be used to help identify a specific business in a multiple occupancy building, and also provide branding and marketing benefits for the organisation. At Creative Mats we  supply  logo mats and branded to a wide ranges or organisations including schools ,churches ,hospitals, restaurants ,corporate companies and banks .We understand the importance of your brand and the need to showcase it,so it can visible to customers at a reasonable advertising budget. To order your own Custom Logo Mat proceed to our contact us page.

Beauty and Resilient With Branded Logo Mats

Logo mats provide a functional branding and promotional solution. Placed at your front entrance, your customers and clients immediately have contact with your brand or message, this creates a positive and lasting first impression. Point of Sale logo mats placed in front of product displays extend your advertising space and engage consumers at the place where 70% of buying decisions are made. We manufacture the majority of our logo mats in our factory which enables us to offer fast, reliable and friendly service with accurate expectations.

Logo Mats or rugs are essential accessories for houses, office and other work places. Mats have multifaceted usage starting from wiping your feet off before you enter a building to prevision of a soft surface to tumble around on without getting injured. But did you know that mats can be designed to prevent you from slipping and falling? These mats are known as anti-slip mats, and they can be found in many different settings. In fact, these mats have probably been keeping you safe without you even knowing it!

Now days published door mats are the most stylish and trending mats; used in lots of locations such as workplaces, lodge entrance corridor, coffee shops, and restaurant. Printed doormat with the welcome letter may be very beneficial to make superb influence at the visitors besides granting a publicity tool to your business.

Customized door mats are the perfect way to promote your company’s image. Logo mats combine the benefits of a floor mat with an eye-catching design that can enhance branding and marketing efforts.

Customized logo mats South Africa ,Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth make your interior beautiful with our products. They include carpets, rugs, floors, vinyl flooring, sisal carpets, Persian carpets, and door mats, personalize door mats, PVC flooring, exhibition carpets and many more.

Custom Floor Logo Mats

Custom floor mats make an impactful first impression, promote your brand identity, and keep guests safe by preventing slips as they enter your building. Next Step offers mats suitable for interior and exterior use. Popular applications include entryways, lobbies, wayfinding, sitting areas, runners, walk-off mats, area rugs, foot grilles, modular tiles, and custom solutions

Entrance Logo Mats

As manufacturers of entrance floors mats, rugs, logo mats and promotional carpets, we always watch that our products are of the highest quality possible, as the safety and satisfaction of our customers is our primary concern, in addition to the recognition as the best manufacturers in the country and we are supported by many years of experience.

Aware of social responsibility and environmental conservation, our company has invested in advanced technology, to add to our products with logo a 20% recycled material, we also take care of every manufacturing process to minimize energy consumption. Entrance Logo mats products are manufactured with high quality PVC filaments randomly oriented premium and joined together, forming a surface that melts at a solid base forming a single piece.

Dust Control Logo Mats

You can  buy dust control logo mats from Creative Mats in all colours and designs, to promote your own business or company logo if you prefer. In addition, we excel in making sure your entrance area is set up safely and we can also advise you on health in the workplace.


You can’t go wrong with our service because we guarantee your dust control logo mats while saving resources at the same time.

Whether in a shop, in companies or in nurseries, our dust control  logo mats can be used wherever moisture and dirt collects. When someone brushes their shoes on the mats, they absorb moisture and dirt from them. This keeps your building clean and reduces your cleaning costs by up to 70%.

We have a large selection of standard sizes available for this purpose and also offer individual design options so that the right mat is available for every room, occasion, and safety requirement.



Protect and Keep Your Floors Clean With Branded Mats

We are the One-stop  shop for Outdoor  Business Logo Mats. Outdoor Branded Walk Off mats, Bike Mats,  Floor Mats, Personalised Mats and Doormats products throughout South Africa.Business Logo Mats make your home or business naturally beautiful as they’re made of durable carpet fibers and rubber.

If you want to create your Personalized Mats, Floor Mats Entrance Mats Logo Door Mats, without restrictions on colors and materials. We are specialized to manufacture and distribute a comprehensive range of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Mats & matting for all applications and sizes In-door to Out-doors and low and high traffic areas.


hallmark hotels promotional mat placed in front of the hotel entrance

Business Logo Mats

New and established businesses are always looking for effective ways to promote their brand image.Business logo mats are that effective,while keeping floors clean they promote your business image.Business logo mats can also be branded with your personalised message.They can be made and customised to any shape and size.We made business logo mats for many well know brands in South Africa including Wimpy, Pick n Pay ,Spar and many more

a big a hotel entrance logo mat

Branded Walk off Mats

Floors are the largest untapped area for advertising and brand awareness, why not take advantage with branded walk-off mats just like logo mats will promote your business image. They make it easy for prospective clients to recognize your brand while passing by.Choose from our standard logo mat sizes or request a custom mat size. Our branded walk off mats are available in various materials and finishes depending on your specific requirements.We are reachable by email ,whatsapp or phone call

Custom Flooor mats on the floor of a door entrance

Custom Floor Mats

Customized floor mats make a lasting impression before even entering the door. Ideal for schools, businesses and more, custom logo floor mats greet your visitors and welcome them into your building in style. The selection of mats at Creative Mats features extra-strong materials, so no matter how much foot traffic your business experiences, your mat will last for years to come. Customizing your floor mat is easy – our experienced in-house graphic designers will work with you to make sure your custom floor mat is exactly how you imagined it. Choose from a variety of mat sizes, styles, and colors to find one that's perfect for your business logo.

a big a hotel entrance logo mat

Logo Mats

Logo are more than just dirt collection, whether in a standard or a special shape. Whether printed with an image or a promotional message – logo mats from Creative Mats make a good impression thanks to their high-quality workmanship and well-designed product details. Technical innovations are used to the full to achieve maximum individuality for you: an almost unlimited variety of colours for bespoke motifs. Whether company logos or images – logo mats let your design shine out. Our innovative production technique means that your carpet mat can be cut into practically any shape you wish.