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About Creative Mats

We offer best-in-class custom logo mats and branded mats for businesses with the fastest lead times.We understand that businesses need their company image ,logo or brand to be visible to customers that pass through their doorstep, that is why have made it easy with our logo mats.At Creative Mats we pride ourselves as the number one supplier of branded mats and logo mats in South Africa.

Logo Mats in the sitting room

What We Do

Creative Mats has provided logo mats and branded carpets for over past years.  We are proud to bring our commercial mats expertise online!  Creative Mats is proud to offer a reasonable Price Match Guarantee on all products. We invite you to give us call and go through our comprehensive collection of industry-leading logo mats, doormats, entrance mats, carpet runners, welcome mats, branded mats and carpets products.

If you would like a logo mat we are able to accommodate your needs whilst providing a high-quality service. On our ‘ contact us ’ page, you can select from a number of measurements, colours and logo(s) that you would like for you logo mat. Alternatively, if you require a personalised  message , we are happy to accommodate. Make your business stand out with a beautifully designed and expertly custom made logo mat.

Our branded mats bring out the beauty yet fulfilling the purpose on your entrance mats. These durable mats can be easily made according to your design. Their super absorbent quality enables them to absorb dust and water that comes along people’s feet so that your indoors are always neat and clean. We use the most advanced sublimation process to create an alluring image on your logo mats.

car dealership logo mat

Logo Mats

Logo Mats are an effective & cost-effective way to impress customers, employees & pedestrians with your logo or message increasing brand awareness right from the first step into your facility.

These great looking logo carpets are produced with high-quality, environmentally friendly dyes, providing true color and crispness to your company's logo or message.

If you are looking for these types of logo mats, always put functionality and convenience before everything else. Every logo mat has its area of application and serves a unique purpose

Branded Mats with a non slip rubber at a resturant entrance

Custom Branded Mats

Custom Branded Mats offer a plush, high-end look to your space. Publicize your message, Communicate your motto, Advertise your logo - all with a gorgeous Custom Branded Mats. This branded mats features a surged nylon edge for a professional look and rubber backing to keep the mat in place.

Our branded logo mats are virtually indestructible and designed to be cleaned and dried commercially in industrial washers and driers, which means they are very durable. Besides industrial washers, our branded door mats can also be cleaned with normal vacuum cleaners.

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