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Picking The Right Logo Mat for Your Business

Branded commercial mats offer all the benefits of unbranded commercial entrance mats, including their ability to trap dirt and water so that grime and moisture aren’t trailed all over your floors. This increases safety while helping minimise cleaning bills.

Picking the right logo mat for your business may be a stressful task. You might also have these questions in mind. How can you choose a logo that represents your business well? Do you already have a logo, but aren’t sure if it will transfer well to a floor mat? Should it be a rectangle or a square mat?

With so much foot traffic coming in and out of your business, it’s fair to say that your entrance and doormats will be getting a lot of use. If you have custom logo mats made for your business, chances are that many customers that get in your business will notice the branding on your mat.

Select Different styles – Don’t be afraid to experiment by using different types of custom mats from Creative Mats to find the floor mats that will work best for your business. Whether you choose to go with High Definition nylon carpet mats, Berber point mat,  rubber mat flocked or screen printed customized floor mats, Creative Mats has a variety of quality, attractive and durable mats for every business.

Select the right Orientation-When purchasing a custom logo mat, you need to decide if the design will be a landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) positioning. To figure out the orientation of the logo, consider first the way the mat is going to be used in your facility.  Pick the landscape direction if the mat is going to be positioned across an entranceway in a horizontal manner. Alternatively, select a portrait orientation if the custom logo mat is to extend inside from an entranceway in a vertical manner.  This will likewise ensure the logo will be displayed in an upright and readable manner.

How big is your workspace? You may be fine with just a standard size mat for your application, but some workstations require larger coverage. For example, you may have a two-door entrance to your business you will need to measure and get the right size to fit the entrance.

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