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Branded Mats

Optimize Your Brand's Image with Branded Mats

Branded mats will make your brand stand out and is a top priority in today’s saturated market. Increase brand recognition and impress your customers as soon as they walk in the door with a beautiful business floor mat with your logo. We can take any logo and colour scheme and turn it into an entrance mat you’ll be proud to show off. While branded mats look good in your entryway or corridor, they also serve a practical purpose—keeping dirt and moisture out of your office or restaurant.


Custom floor mats with a  logo add an extra level of professionalism that encourages customers they’ll be looked after, that they made the right choice by choosing your business. This first impression lasts for a long time so make it count. Adding your brand logo, design or message is a special touch and our design team can help cement your minds before they see menus, beer mats or bar runners. To find out more about our branded entrance mats contact us now. We have a dedicated team here in Johannesburg to assist you with your order.

Customised branded door mats, floor mats and hand-inlaid carpets. Promotional POS or POP advertising media mats have been developed by using advanced printing. Our advertising mats create sharp graphics in full colour. Advertising mats are manufactured using a stiffened rubber waffle back tile and a smooth woven polyester fabric top surface and are widely used for brand promotion, advertising and educational use.

If you are looking for attractive and good quality  for your eatery doorstep entrance, your office door entrance, or under electrical equipment like printers in the office, we at Creative Mats are the best solution for you. You could choose the material of your choice on which you want us to print your logo. We are a manufacturer and provider of Branded Mats in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Maseru, Windhoek and Pretoria. You can just share the logo picture and we will make the best mats, Branded Mats and best front door mats for your business. We have a variety of amazing prints, patterns, themes and colours that make our products more valuable. Our representatives can visit your place to show you a demo of our reliable and valuable products. We also deliver your ordered products to your doorsteps within time. We have the best-branded door mats for sale

Logo mats

The Power of Branded Mats

Custom branded mats offer a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression. When strategically placed at entrances or key areas within your business space, they become a silent brand ambassador. Their visual appeal coupled with the practicality of keeping your floors clean creates a memorable experience for anyone entering your premises.

Logo mats are a popular choice for businesses looking to establish and reinforce their brand identity. These mats feature your company’s logo or branding elements prominently displayed. They can be placed at the entrance, reception area, or any high-traffic spot to leave a memorable mark on your visitors. Logo mats are available in various materials, including carpet, rubber, and vinyl, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs.

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