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Affordable Branded Mats

If you are looking are for branded mats for schools, for hotels, for retail shops, for car dealerships and for churches.Our basic branded mat help you promote your business to clients and guests. Create an appealing environment around your premises while at the same time promoting your brand.

Branded Mats To Promote Your Brand

The first step is important, so make your customers notice you with entrance branded mats from Creative Mats. We have  different types of entrance mats and best front door mats to choose from that will help keep your establishment clean and tidy while welcoming customers inside. You can even choose to deliver messages to customers this way, capturing their attention from the moment they step inside. It’s an extra touch that won’t go unnoticed.

Branded entrance mats add an extra level of professionalism that encourages customers they’ll be looked after, that they made the right choice by choosing your business. This first impression lasts for a long time so make it count. Adding your brand logo, design or message is a special touch and our design team can help cement you their minds before they see menus, beer mats or bar runners. To find out more about our branded entrance mats contacts us now. We have a dedicated team here in Johannesburg to assist you with your order .

Customised entrance branded door mats, floor mats and hand inlaid carpets. Promotional POS or POP advertising media mats have been developed by using advanced printing. Our advertising mats create sharp graphics in full colour. Advertising mats are manufactured using a stiffened rubber waffle back tile and a smooth woven polyester fabric top surface and are widely used for brand promotion, advertising and educational use.


Contact Us to Buy A Branded Mat.

If you are looking for attractive and good quality Customised Branded Mats for your eatery doorstep entrance, your office door entrance, or under electrical equipment like printers in office, we at Creative Mats are the best solution for you. You could choose material of your choice on which you want us to print your logo. We are manufacturer and provider of Branded Mats in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Maseru, Windhoek and Pretoria. You can just share the logo picture and we will make best mats, Branded Mats and  best front door mats for your business. We have variety of amazing prints, patterns, themes and colors that make our products more valuable. Our representatives can visit your place to show you demo of our reliable and valuable products. We also deliver your ordered products at your door steps within time. We the best branded door mats for sale

Creative Mats South Africa are manufactures of Branded  Mats .Our branded mats include our most vivid, eye-catching logo floor mats that are ideal for promotional, trade show and marketing venues. The primary function of these promotional mats is to attract the attention of customers and add brand value.

Our mats do not only provide a defense against contaminants and debris entering your building, they are also an important safety aid helping you prevent potential slips and falls in high traffic areas or places with increased risk of accidents.


Branded Mats for South Africa

Our branded mats bring out the beauty yet fulfilling the purpose on your entrance mats. These durable and personalised mats can be easily made according to your design. Their super absorbent quality enables them to absorb dust and water that comes along people’s feet so that your indoors are always neat and clean.

personalised logo Mats

Custom Branded Mats

Custom Branded Mats are of the highest quality materials and printed with the latest logo mat technology at 72dpi. Our custom branded mats are extremely durable, made from a high-twist nylon tufted pile with 100% nitrile rubber backing.

Branded Floor Mats

Branded floor mats are the perfect personalised entrance to your business. Our Branded Floor Mats are designed to perfectly suit your company name, branding, logo or simply a custom message to welcome customers in and offer dirt and dust control.

Why Businesses Need Branded Mats?

Branded Mats present an excellent opportunity for businesses  corporate marketing and brand awareness, giving an ever important first impression at the entrance.  Manufactured using advanced  processes, the heavy duty nylon twist fibres used in the mat offer excellent water absorption and dirt trapping functionality.  Available in a wide variety of sizes, the branded mats all have an anti-slip gripper, nitrile rubber backing that prevents the mat from slipping on smooth surfaces.  Very simple to order, just follow these steps:

  • Request the quantity, size and orientation (portrait or landscape) of the mats required, along with a high resolution image of the desired artwork, in either PDF, JPEG or similar file format.
  • Once the order is confirmed, a full colour proof will be submitted by email for approval.  Please note that colours are matched as closely as possible from a standard colour range.
  • Any alterations required to the design are made and once approved, the mats will be scheduled for production.

Branded Door Mats

Looking to get your door mat branded ? Customers love our custom branded mats. They have become very popular products for customers’ in many business premises, both interior and exterior use / appeal. Absorb debris, dirt, moisture, provide traction, and touch cleaning for your shoes with customized appearance & style! A branded door mat allows for your family name, a welcome message, photograph, image, or company logo, brand, or custom design options.

Custom Branded Mats For Business

Branded mats are an ideal product size for a large floor area and applications where the loop pile construction and inlay branded floor give it an attractive professional look. The heavy dyed surface fabric is resistant to staining or fading and comes in 17 colors with a safe high performance rubber backing that holds the mat in place. Use as a way to greet everyone and create clean foot traffic indoor. Perfect for branding entrance installations or laid logo floor mats. Contact customer service for custom sizes.

branded mats

Branded Entrance Mats

Branded Entrance mats are a great way to create high impact on arrival to your entrance area, whilst providing optimum floor protection. Choose from printed rubber backed mats, branded mats, outdoor scraper or brush logo matting.

Branded Entrance Mats offer organizations numerous advantages. To start with, they look incredible and they respect your visitors into your foundation before they even observe the staff.Industrial door mats with logo ,help to make a cordial and inviting condition that individuals will recollect and this enables your business to establish an incredible first connection, which is constantly gainful.

Branded Logo Mats

business logo mat

Branded Logo Mats   provides an excellent, high quality means of displaying your company, business or school logo while providing great dirt and dust control for your entrance

Order your logo mat now in 3 easy steps:

  1. Send us your logo that you want to use on your mat*
  2. Receive artwork within 48 hours – confirm any changes
  3. Get your mat delivered direct to you within 3-5 working days
  • High quality, professional finish
  • Overall thickness: 6mm
  • Custom design to your specific requirements
  • Creates the ultimate first impression
  • Excellent branding tool
  • Colourfast
  • Stops dirt, dust and moisture at your entrance
  • Non-slip vinyl backing

Acceptable file formats

Accepted vector file formats: EPS, AI, PDF (TIFF file preferable)
Accepted image formats: JPEG (minimum resolution of 300 dpi)

Make a Bold Difference with Custom Branded Mats

Think of your company’s logo making an impact every time a customer puts a foot in your door.Creative Mats offers customized branded mats to advertise your business. With Custom  branded Logo Floor Mats, you can personalize your floor mat any way you want. It’s a front door mat with an image that describes your business with pictures, logos, colors and slogans to create a professional look. Exterior mats with a logo have never been so popular, WaterHog™ Inlay  Branded Logo Mats, Rubber Scrapper Branded Mats, customized for an all-weather condition. All our custom branded logo mats are safe and non-slip to provide a great first impression in wet conditions.

Commercial Branded Entrance Mats And Branded Door Mats

For non-logo needs, our industry-leading Commercial Branded Entrance Mats are highly effective for removing grit and moisture from footwear. Plus, these mats have proven to enhance the appearance of any entry way. Sturdy and versatile, they are suitable for commercial facilities ranging from hotel lobbies and retail stores, to corporate offices and schools. Even homes! We can customize the size, up to 60 feet in length, to meet your exact specifications.

 Branded Carpet Runner Mats for the best in general purpose office floor mat useage. We can customize lengths and widths to fit your commercial office space.

Grid Entry Matting is an excellent choice for high traffic commercial industrial entrance ways where you want debris to be trapped under the surface of the mat. Designed to fit in a reccessed well area.