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Commercial Logo Mats

Custom size commercial logo mats in  South Africa are available through Creative Mats. There is a perfect floor mat for your business out there, and if we don’t have it, we’ll make it for you.  Commercial Logo Mats special order and custom-size mat service is ready to fit you to your business’s perfect mat.

Make a great and lasting impression with your company’s logo or message on our #1 selling custom commerical logo mat. These mats are produced on a nylon carpet with the highest quality dyes, giving vibrant color and clarity to your company’s logo or message. Ordering is easy, just follow our intuitive ordering process below and let our designers do all the work for you!

We use high-standard tools to replicate your logo down to the last detail. Designed for longevity and performance, our products are made of durable rubber and high quality textile to ensure they can withstand extreme wear and foot traffic. Our products are also available in a range of sizes to suit your space and create an eye-catching finish.


Commercial Logo Mats for indoor and outdoor

The perfect commercial logo mats for indoor and outdoor areas guarantee durable design, aesthetic value, and powerful dirt and debris trapping capabilities. Spotless entryways with vibrant imagery and company themed colors symbolize the quality you instill in your products, services, and employees. Our commercial logo mats help you achieve grime-free corridors, and a great first impression with an easy ordering process for customized industrial-grade logo mats.

Commerical Logo Mats

Commercial Logo Mats are excellent  mats for use in high-traffic areas. These logo mats offer aggressive scraping action both indoors and outside.

• Your logo is inlaid into the mat, producing a highly customizable design and razor-sharp clarity.

• Commercial Logo Mats can be manufactured up to 13′ 4″ wide and virtually any length.

• UV-stabilizers make this logo mat resistant to fading, even in direct sunlight, as well as fast drying.

• The Commerical Logo Mat’s solution dyed fiber is coarse enough to effectively clean moisture and dirt from shoes and hide the appearance of walking patterns.

• Made with heavy duty beveled edging around all borders.

Custom floor mats jet_print_logo_mat

Commercial Entrance Mats with Company Logo

Find the lowest price on Commercial Entrance Mats with Company Logo for businesses, schools, government, and organizations at Creative Mats.  We carry rubber logo mats for outdoors, carpet on rubber backing or vinyl backing for indoor mats.  We will help you with the design free of charge and there is no setup fee.  A logo floor mat is a great way to improve brand name recognition for just pennies per potential customer.