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Next time you’re thinking of purchasing an entrance mat for your company building, think about the benefits of upgrading your purchase to a logo mat instead.

Even if you are loathed to replace your current entrance mat, then think of the many other areas a logo mat can be placed, such as in front of a reception desk, in the boardroom, in training areas, waiting rooms or by vending machines for example. The reason you should do this is that a well designed logo mat will have a positive impression on your visitors and employees alike.

A logo mat is a mat bearing an image, a message, or both that the company wishes to put in front of those who walk over it. The most common uses of logo mat are to reinforce company branding, achieved by displaying the company name and logo, or to use as a friendly welcome, a simple ‘Welcome to….’ for instance.

An attractive logo mat will add to the ambience of a building, both by the way it looks and by the impression it gives to visitors and employees. It will also add to the feel of professionalism about a company, particularly when integrated with corporate branding.

Logo mats benefits are not just derived from the aesthetics however. They also provide a function, that being the removal of dirt and moisture from people’s footwear as they walk over the mat. An effective mat will hold the dirt and moisture within the mat, thereby preventing it from being tracked any further into the building. It will protect the surface beneath the mat as well as the floors and carpets surrounding the mat. By performing these functions the mat will also save on cleaning costs inside the building due to the fact there will be less dirt to remove inside the building due to cleaner footwear.

Purchasing your mat should be a straightforward process as long as you choose a good supplier. Have an idea of what you want your mat to look like and then supply your logo in an electronic format for reproduction on the mat. You should always aim to go for the largest size of mat that the area will tolerate for two reasons. Firstly the mat will have more chance of being seen and therefore more chance of communicating your message. Secondly the more steps a person has on the mat, the more dirt and moisture the mat will remove.

Choose a mat with rubber backing and a twisted nylon pile construction, as this will ensure the mat is extremely durable. Coir mats (or coconut mats as they are sometimes called) and vinyl backed mats may look great when you first get them, but are liable to a ‘worn path’ appearance or splitting. A good logo mat, in a high foot traffic area, can be expected to last for a good ten years or more. Look for a guarantee that this will be the case, otherwise you will need a replacement it a lot sooner than you may think.

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