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Personalised Door Mats For Your Liking

Our Personalised Door Mats make the perfect unique gift. Carpet custom printed door mats with photo quality printing and everything in between. Have your door mats personalised with your house name, family name or a funny message. We are sure you won’t find a better quality selection of personalized door mats anywhere.

Personalised Welcome Logo Mats

Creative Mats  South Africa offer a huge range of high-performance personalised doormats for interior and exterior use. Designed to create maximum impact, personalised matting will reinforce your brand logo, company colours and welcome message on arrival to your business, whilst providing maximum floor protection always within your business using our door mats personalised with your logo or message.

Our personalised door mats are also extremely popular, with the various options available to suit every requirement. Choose from heavy-duty mats, outdoor rubber mats, logo mats or even water retainers and emblazon your personal message on there for that final touch. You can make the most of free artwork so that you are completely satisfied with the design before we print it. Ready to give your entrance ways a new lease of life? Get in touch and ask about our personalised door mats! 

Benefits of Personalised Mats

Our selection of personalised doormats is the ideal solution for both commercial and industrial use. Each product is heavy-duty, durable and designed for large amounts of foot fall. Non-slip backing is applied to all matting to ensure the doormat stays firmly in place, ideal for entranceways. Other benefits of personalised mats include: 

  1. Make a lasting first impression on your customers and visitors providing them with a warm welcome or reinforce your branding.
  2. Ensure your floors stay clean and dry, plus minimise the risk of slips and trips.
  3. Give your office, school or business entrance areas a lift or splash of colour with vibrant personalised welcome mats.
  4. Safeguard your internal floors and carpets by capturing any water or muck from shoes at the entrance.

Say Hello with Personalised Welcome Mats  

Personalised welcome mats are ideal for use within any business but especially popular for schools, shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, leisure centres and public buildings. This product range offers excellent opportunities for corporate marketing and a great way to put empty floor space to better use by showcasing your brand. 

Slip-and-fall accidents most often occur on wet and dirty surfaces, with slips, trips and falls being the leading cause of occupational accidents, resulting in thousands of disabling injuries each year. Personalised door mats help to eliminate this risk, ensuring floors remain clean, dry and safe always whilst promoting your brand.

Personalised social distancing mats are now available, allowing you to safeguard staff and visitors with informative matting to promote social distancing guidelines. 


Entrance Logo Mats

Your branding on our premium quality Entrance Matting.

Utilising three great forms of personalised logo mat production,Creative Mats produces brilliant professional branding for your organisation. From photographs, to eyecatching logos to silhouettes, Creative Mats will ensure that your branding is visible for your situation.


Perfect for where branding is important, these vinyl loop mats can be customised with any logo or design. With excellent colour printing, these mult-purpose mats combine tactile touch with resistance to heavy traffic.


  • Removes dirt and moisture from shoes and traps it away from the surface of the mat
  • Dries quickly
  • Textured, cushion surface prevents slips
  • Solid backing keeps mats in place

Personalised  Doormats


Made for the outdoors or indoors. Our Personalised Doormats are ideal for almost any type of business and made up of a high quality durable Nitrile rubber. This allows these types of mats to be cleaned easily on-site.
Our Personalised  Doormats have a textured cleared surface to help effectively scrape tough dirt and grime off of shoes; Combined with Nitrile Rubber this mat is the ultimate non-slip surface for maximum protection.

  • Outdoor or Indoor Use.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • No color limit.
  • High quality durable rubber, Prevents slips and falls.

Personalized Doormats And Personalized Carpet Mats

Make an encouraging statement even before you open your door. We stock a variety of small and large, sturdy, handmade Natural Fiber Doormats that instantly accentuate even the most modest of doorways. These mats, available for single or grand double doorways, offer the ultimate protection for your interior areas because of the way they scrape unwanted dirt and debris off footwear right there at the entryway.

Here’s a new, unique and affordable take on gift-giving: Monogrammed Doormats or Personalized Doormats for loved ones, friends or business associates in almost any industry. (Or even for yourself!) Featuring customized lettering options at up to 18 characters, these top-quality mats come in a variety of classic designs, styles and sizes to accommodate any doorway. Don’t wait for the next holiday. Order today. We gladly accept bulk orders and welcome corporate accounts

Having you been thinking of getting a personalized doormat for your home or as a gift for someone special? Personalized Doormats are an excellent way to add style to your home or business. We carry custom door mats in a range of classic styles & design motifs to fit any decor for single or double doors.

Our Custom Door Mats for home are constructed of natural coir fibers which are very effective at stopping the unwanted dirt, debris & moisture from entering into your home or business. Some styles of Personalized Doormats are available with the added attractiveness of an ornate, black rubber border. With our selection listed below there’s sure to be a personalized doormat that is right for you.