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Shop & Retail Entrance Mats

Retail Logo Mats

Retail matting isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s a crucial branding tool. Our Company Logo Floor Mats go beyond tidiness, leaving a lasting mark on customers and enhancing your brand strategy. Crafted from durable materials like Coir and Berber point , ideal for mat wells, these mats stand the test of time. Additionally, our printed logo mats, placed atop your existing floor at the entrance, accommodate even the most intricate logos. Practical and impactful, our retail logo mats embody the essence of excellent entrance matting, showcasing your brand’s best.

This guide is tailored for individuals seeking the right matting solutions for retail spaces of various sizes—be it shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, or hypermarkets.

Different industries have distinct needs based on their operations. In the retail sector, considering the high foot traffic, pushchairs, wheelchairs, and trolleys is essential when selecting suitable matting solutions.

Creating a positive store impression is paramount. A visually appealing store not only entices customers to return but also ensures staff comfort, reducing turnover and boosting productivity.

Integrating a logo mat into your retail space can set you apart in the market. It’s a unique branding tool allowing freedom in adding graphics, illustrations, or logos. Utilize them to amplify point-of-sale displays as well.

With the substantial foot traffic in retail environments, shop mats and entrance mats play a crucial role. Keeping your shop inviting and clean isn’t just for appearances—it’s about ensuring safety for both customers and workers. Shop floor mats are essential for a secure shopping experience.

Promotional Product Mats

POS/POP printed rubber and carpet-style mats are an incredibly versatile solution for promotions. They are the perfect alternative to floor graphics, with crisp, clear images on premium quality materials. Our brand promotional mats create a splash anywhere from shopping aisles to the point of sale. This is why many PR and advertising companies choose our retail mats for their promotions. Retail matting options provide a fresh way to enhance a brand or showcase your fantastic promotions while also keeping your premises clean.

What are the uses and benefits of Retail Mats?

Environment-entrance- mats
Printed Logo Mats
  • Prevent tracking of dirt and water into the store from outside
  • Prevent slip and fall accidents in and around the store
  • Improve the appearance of the store
  • Portray messages, including for POS, marketing and safety
  • Provide fatigue relief for staff which can prevent musculoskeletal disorders and sickness
  • Improve staff productivity through additional comfort
  • Satisfy legal regulations

By using our Retail Mats guide, you can choose the most appropriate matting for your shop, store, or retail unit, which will allow you to get the most out of your selection.

Types of Shop and Retail Mats

We have variety of shop and retail mats to meet your requirements. These include:

Shop Entrance Mats

The answer for safe and clean floors. Placing indoor and outdoor entrance mats can defend floors against dirt and water. By absorbing moisture and scraping dirt from footwear and wheeled traffic, this makes a safe, clean retail environment.

Anti-Fatigue Mats for Cashiers

As mentioned, some shop workers are required to stand throughout their work shift which can lead to discomfort, muscle fatigue and poor work productivity. Anti-fatigue mats are perfect in this case.

Shop Logo Mats

Having a logo mat in your shop or retail environment can really help you to stand out in the marketplace. It’s a unique way to convey your brand and also gives you the freedom to add any graphic, illustration or logo on the mat. You can also use them to enhance point-of-sale display

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