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Rubber Mats

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats are any mats which are manufactured from natural and synthetic rubber. Mats can be prepared by mixing nitrile with rubber to give you durable mats.  Widely used in industrial areas. It covers the floor for safety purposes and can be used outdoors to keep your home clean.Looking for the perfect, high-performance rubber entrance mat for your business?

 At Creative Mats we are experts when it comes to durable, hard-wearing commercial and industrial mats and we have an online range of high-quality rubber mats with non-slip and sound cushioning properties. Designed to enhance the entrance to your business or busy reception area, rubber mats from Creative Mats help to not only prevent the transfer of dirt and water from entering your business premises, but also to protect wooden, tiled, marble and carpeted floors from becoming worn over time, even in high traffic areas. With a range of mat rolls for larger runs or fixed sizes for smaller areas, browse our online range and find a rubber mat to meet your individual business needs.

At Creative Mats we not only offer rubber entrance matting, but also non-slip, chemical resistant, anti-fatigue and rolled rubber matting to name a few. They also come in a range of sizes for small, medium, large and complicated areas, ensuring your floor space has maximum coverage

Rubber Scrapper Logo Mats

The rubber scraper logo mat stands out as a smart investment for maintaining cleanliness without compromising on style. Its durable rubber construction ensures longevity while the customized logo adds a personalized touch. Whether for a business or residence, this mat elevates the aesthetic appeal while serving the practical purpose of keeping the area clean. It’s a surefire way to leave a lasting positive impression on guests or customers, promising complete satisfaction with its functionality and visual appeal.

Rubber Logo Mats
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