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Spaghetti Mats

Spaghetti Mats / Cushion Fall Mats

 Spaghetti Mats are ideal for removing the first dirt from the soles of the shoes.  The Spaghetti Mats are very easy to clean, simply use a high pressure cleaner.  Our Spaghetti Mats or Cushion Fall Mats are without an edge but we do have a rubber profile available which can be attached around the mat. Our Spaghetti Mats is available in a standard 1.2 m width and a 12 m length but can be cut and joined to other measurements.  Creative mats has a variety of other products suitable for entrance mats.It is also recommended to use spaghetti mats in industrial areas because in these areas the humidity can cause serious accidents, and worse if the traffic they handle is heavy and large, falls due to humidity in the are

Spaghetti Mats are a classic solution for custom large surfaces and when slip-resistance is necessary. The non-directional pattern allows for multi-directional scraping ability. Economical mat for outdoor applications. As a scraper, Spaghetti Mat will help keep most of the debris and dirt outside the building

Super contract fall mats, also known as vinyl looped mats, spaghetti mats, or PVC looped mats, are synonymous with cushion fall mats except for their varying thickness. These durable mats are designed for outdoor entrances, resistant to wet weather conditions. Their resilient vinyl loops effectively scrape dirt off shoes, ensuring cleanliness before entry. They complement our berber point logo mat seamlessly, placed outside the entrance to enhance functionality and maintain a tidy environment.
The cushion fall mats, also known as spaghetti mats or PVC loop mats, are tailored for outdoor entrances, resilient against wet weather conditions. Their durable vinyl loops excel at dirt removal from shoes, positioned outside entrances alongside our berber point logo mat. These mats can be customized as branded or logo mats for various applications.The robust vinyl loops not only efficiently scrape off dirt but also offer comfort, making them suitable even for barefoot walking. The textured cushioned surface actively prevents slips, ensuring safety.Designed with a random mesh pattern, the Wayfarer Mat allows dirt and water to pass through while keeping the mat surface clean, maintaining its effectiveness.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Certain spaghetti mats are specifically designed for outdoor use, offering enhanced resilience against weather elements, while others are tailored for indoor spaces.

  • The resilient vinyl loops scrape dirt off shoes.
  • Soft, compounded PVC looped surface traps dirt, debris and moisture.
  • The mat features a non-slip vinyl backing which keeps the dirt and moisture off the floor.
  • Can be customised with personalised logos or messages.
  • Choose from 20 colours (colours may vary).
  • Please note sizes larger than 1.2m in width will have a visible join

Technical Specifications

spaghetti mats
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