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The Branding Power Of Logo Mats

For any business solidifying your branding and creating an additional marketing strategy, logo mats are a viable solution. The simplicity of a logo mat is that it will simply bear the logo of the company or the product that they would like to market. Ideally, it will be designed in the colours and style that represent the brand best. Once they are ready to use it’s important that they are located in positions that will offer the most exposure in order to maximise their potential and uniqueness.  In the world of marketing and branding, it’s important for a business that everything follows predetermined guidelines in order to strengthen the impact of the overall brand.

Before finalising any logo mat purchase it’s paramount that the presentation of the mat is accurate, this could be down to the smallest detail such as the colour matching of your branding or ensuring the logo is accurately placed. Companies like Pick N Pay and Checkers have one of the most recognisable brands in the world. They are very meticulous when it comes to their branding and, when making any marketing material, they will not push the button until they are 100% certain everything lines up.

Health and safety

Along with the impact that a perfect logo mat will have on your branding, the mat will provide additional benefits, such as improving health and safety. Here at Creative Mats we pride ourselves on the safety and durability of our products, for example we ensure our logo mats are prepped with non-slip backing and low profile edges. The simplicity of these measures will help avert slips and trips on adverse flooring conditions.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your mat is as important as the branding itself. If you have purchased an entrance logo mat it should be pretty self-explanatory on where you place it. Make sure that the branding your using is complementary to the idea of it being placed at the entrance as this will be the first thing customers will see. Welcoming them with open arms with emphatic images or messaging as simple as ‘Welcome to…’.

Logo mats can also be used as point of sale mats, placed near products in store or at exhibitions to promote branding and to draw the attention of passing customers.

Creative Mats offer four ranges of logo mats; Heavy-duty PET or Traditional Coir Logo mats for indoor use, and all Rubber and Waterhog Logo mats for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our design team offer a responsive service and strive to match any specific design needs customers will have. Artwork and proofs are provided free of charge.

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Whether a business, school, nursery, college or university, we have the right mats for all establishments.

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