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Top Areas to Add Custom Logo Mats and Branded Mats

Custom logo mats and branded mats can be used inside or outside of your business, providing a cost-effective way to share your brand while helping to keep floors clean and safe for customers and employees. Use custom branded mats in any (or all!) of the following areas as a regular part of your marketing and advertising strategy:

  • Entrances – Whether indoor or outdoor, your entrance rugs are one of the first thing your customers and potential customers see. Rather than using a nondescript rug that does little more than keep dirt and moisture off of your floors, choose custom logo mats that will help increase brand awareness, every time someone enters or leaves your business.
  • Holeways– Custom logo rugs work well in office waiting room settings, as well as in businesses with dedicated lobbies. Just as with the use of logo mats in your entry/exit way, custom rugs used in your lobby will be seen by everyone who comes to your business. And, when potential customers wait in your lobby or designated waiting area, they will naturally be looking at the floor. Why not take the opportunity to remind them of your company’s name/logo through the use of custom logo mats?
  • Work stations – Many of our customers have also found that using custom rugs at employee workstations is a great way to not only keep work areas clean and safe, but also to remind employees of the company’s brand or mission statement.
  • Displays – If your products or services lend themselves to displays in stores or offices, using custom logo mat the display area is a natural extension of the display.
  • Point-of-purchase – Use custom logo rugs at the checkout or point of purchase kiosks to further cement your brand in customers’ minds.

How Custom Logo mats can Help Your Business

More and more businesses are realizing the untapped potential of advertising using floor rugs. It’s just human nature to look at the ground in front of us, or beneath our feet. Why not take advantage of that natural tendency by putting your business’ name and logo where your customers (and future customers) are already looking?

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